Meet The Morrows Lending Solutions Team

Sarah Zhou
Finance and Leasing Consultant
BBus (Banking and Finance), FBAA member

Sarah Zhou has over 12 years of experience in providing financial advice to high net worth clients and assisting them in achieving their goals and objectives. Over five years ago, she began to specifically focus on providing tailored lending solutions for clients.

Australia’s lending marketplace is ever changing with a broad range of products and features that may seem complex and overwhelming. Sarah is passionate about sharing knowledge in this space, providing services including interpreting and guiding clients through every step of the loan application process.

Sarah has experience in all lending types from residential to commercial asset finance, having worked with various financial institutions including multiple large banks in Australia. Lending solutions that Sarah has worked on during her career include property investment portfolio funding, small to medium business premises constructions, residential land developments, large equipment and vehicle financing and SMSF limited recourse borrowings. Some highlights of Sarah’s career have been the assistance of an aspiring dentist to realising their dream of opening their own practice and the strategising of the financing for of a limited edition purchase of an exclusive McLaren Le Mans replica vehicle. The broad spectrum of these projects highlight Sarah’s versatility to find solutions for any client.

Throughout her time in the industry, Sarah has recognised that while finance consultants aim to act in the best interests of their clients, they can be quick to provide advice that is too generic for the client’s needs due to not asking the right questions. By taking a step back and taking the time to ask those extra questions that are necessary to truly understand what the client requires, Sarah builds long term relationships with her clients. Sarah believes that looking after clients’ finances isn’t over at approval, as there is an ongoing requirement to maintain loan facilities that are cost effective and competitively priced.

Les Warden profile image
Les Warden
Finance and Leasing Consultant
MBus (Banking), Grad Dipl Accounting and Finance, FINSIA, FIPA

Les Warden’s experience boasts an impressive range of roles within the lending and finance sector for more than 20 years. During his career, he has worked with a number of major banks; now possessing a wealth of experience in loan assessment, financial advisory and owner management.

Les has witnessed first-hand the evolution of the lending market and the impact that it has had on borrowers, lenders and the Australian economy. Les takes great satisfaction in the sharing of his insight and experience with his clients and peers, and in doing so, assists them in the realisation of their own financial, professional and life goals.

Les has built a substantial catalogue of financial consultancy skills through his various tenures with national banks including CBA, NAB, ANZ and BoQ. He owes much of his accomplished oversight of loan structures and solutions to his extensive managerial experience; earned through a steadfast commitment to mastering all manner of lending and financial disciplines.

Over his time working in lending and finance, Les has observed that although lending consultants usually work with only the best intentions, there is sometimes a lapse in the delivery of personalised and highly researched advice. His storied background in loan assessment equips him to provide assessment and guidance to clients to find the solution most suited to their ambitions, whilst considering their particular circumstances. He believes that as a lending professional, the key to delivering outstanding service lies within finding the balance between level-headed recognition of the market and passionate commitment to clients’ desires.

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