Our Process

Our Process

Morrows Lending Solutions aims to assist you in obtaining the most suitable loan facilities based on their needs. This is achieved by developing a deep understanding of your borrowing goals and objectives, as well as navigate the complexities of the variety of finance products and features in Australia’s lending marketplace. The steps taken to achieve these goals:


1. Meet with clients to discover goals and objectives

Our advisers will sit down with you to conduct a detailed conversation on their finance needs. In this discussion, a fact find questionnaire will be completed to fully understand your goals and objectives.


2. Analyse information to prepare tailored lending solutions

One of our advisers will examine all data available and where necessary, engage with other specialists to develop effective loan structures and source the most suitable financier to fulfil your lending requirements.


3. Commence loan application process

Once you have accepted the brief, it is time to begin the application process. As the process can be lengthy and complex, our team are here to guide you from the initial application to settlement, communicating each step of the application process to all relevant parties.


4. Post settlement reviews

Once the loan agreement has been settled, it can’t be put to the way-side. Our advisers will ensure that the loan structure and its relevant conditions are executed correctly by the engaged financiers as well as review the loan semi-annually or annually to determine if it is still cost effective for your needs.

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