Residential Loans

Residential Loans

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Our team at Morrows Lending Solutions can help you find the right funding for any residential property you want to call home. No matter if you’re a first home buyer or just looking to add to your portfolio, Morrows Lending Solutions will sit down with you to determine how they can best assist you in obtaining the most suitable loan. There are many factor to consider before investing in a property, having a knowledgeable adviser can ensure you don’t miss out on purchasing the right house.

Morrows Lending Solutions’ services regarding Residential Loans include:

Purchase of owner-occupied homes

Whether you are looking to upgrade, downsize or relocate, the Morrows Lending Solutions team will work with you to determine the right loan strategy to purchase your new home.

Investment property funding

Developing the right strategy to finance the purchase of your next investment property venture is important. Morrows Lending Solutions will work together with you to determine the right financial plan and identify the appropriate actions necessary to ensure you get the best deal for your needs.

Residential property constructions

Building a new home can be stressful and the construction process always exposes unforeseen costs which can hinder your hopes of meeting your budget. Sourcing the right loan structure with Morrows Lending Solutions can provide you with the peace of mind to ensure you construct the home of your dreams while providing the flexibility to navigate any bumps along the road.

Small residential property developments

If you are looking to finance your next property development, consulting with Morrows Lending Solutions can help you to develop the appropriate plan of action to balance the sourcing of financing and equity to fund your next development project.

Refinances of existing home loans

If you are considering refinancing your existing home loan the Morrows Lending Solutions team can sit down with you to explore which path is most appropriate for your situation.

Family pledge/guarantee loans

A family pledge or a guarantee loan allows you to use equity from your family member’s property as security on a home loan. By guaranteeing your loan or creating a family pledge loan, you can help or obtain help from your family, allowing you to increase the amount that you can potentially borrow.

Bridging loans

Bridging loans provide short-term access to money designed to help complete the purchase of your property before selling your existing home. Our specialists can help to determine the right amount for your situation to ensure you don’t over-leverage yourself.

SMSF limited recourse borrowings for residential investment properties

Leveraging your super to invest in your property portfolio requires an effective strategy to ensure a comfortable retirement later in life. Consulting the team at Morrows Lending Solutions can help to ensure you finance your property investment plans strategically and effectively.

If you’re interested in an assessment to determine if a residential loan is right for you, contact our Lending Solutions team on 03 9690 5700 or send us an enquiry today.

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